KX Matrikx Activated Carbon Block 2.5 x 9.75"
Coconut Carbon Block Filter

A Sweeter Taste

2 um Nominal Filtration 
High Chemical Absorptive Capacity 
High VOC & TOC Reduction 
High Turbidity Reduction 
Performance Tested & Verified by Independant Labratory Testing 
Extruded Carbon Block Filters

Matrikx +5 filters are made from coconut shell carbon, which creates what many believe to be a sweeter tasting water. Because fo the unique pore structure of this carbon, it is well-suited for chemical absorption, including VOC's and chlorine taste & odor. Matrikx +5 filters provide 2 um nominal particulate filtration and extended life as a fine sediment filter.

* No channeling
* No fluidizing
* Eliminates release of carbon fines
* Lowest extractables, pure materials of construction
* Maximum service life & resistance to fouling
* Graded density refiltration design Manufactured using FDA-compliant materials

Chlorine  Micron Flow Rate  Dimensions
6,000 gal 2 1 gpm  2.5" x 9.75"

Available Date : 5/12/2016