• Korea Alkaline Bio Energy Water Filter
  • Made in Korea, Enhance Water alkalinity.
  • Improve immune system and removes toxins body. 
  • pH up to 8.5
  • FREE 2 units Elbow Connector

5" Aqua Alka Bio Filter - I Type

Far-infrared ceramic ball is in the process of dealing with the release of water far-infrared resonance with water molecules, water molecules will enable the group into a small activist groups to increase the oxgyen.

  • Enhance Alkalinity of drinking water
  • Enhance anti oxidation of water to contribute to anti disease and anti aging.
  • Compact size and easy to be installed in all type of POU system.
  • Inhibit bacteria such as E.coli.coliform cryptosporidium and giardia cysts.

Available Date : 28/12/2016