Dow is pleased to announce the launch of the next generation of DOW FILMTEC™ residential reverse osmosis elements.

The ability to consistently produce identical, high quality products time and again means DOW FILMTEC elements offer customers some of the most reliable elements available in the industry today.

How to tell if you have a genuine DOW FILMTEC™ Residential RO element

DOW FILMTEC is the most recognized reverse osmosis brand globally available today. Such popularity encourages imitation and, as a result, a number of look-alike brands have emerged in an attempt to mislead customers. Let us help you confirm that you have purchased a genuine DOW FILMTEC element.

Element Enhancements — New Permeate/Feed Tube Ends

Genuine RO Element

•  Traditional white permeate tube
•  Shorter permeate tube end
•  Longer feed tube end
•  GPD marking on feed tube end
•  Classic-style brine seal with white tape
•  Active areas similar to classic design

Look for these genuine DOW FILMTEC label characteristics:

Genuine RO Label

Available Date : 5/12/2016