Daiwaki Diamond G1500 Water Filter Cartridge Set

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RM 438.00

  • The world's best impregnated water filter,awarded NSF Certification
  • Removes bacteria,impurities like dirt, silt and rust,unpleasant odours and colours
  • Filter A : Ceramic
  • Filter B : Activated Carbon
  • Filter C : Activated Carbon And KDF Metal Ion
  • Filter E : Natural Mineral magnestism
  • FIlter F : Calcium Ions

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Product details of Daiwaki Diamond G1500 Water Filter Cartridge (5 Cartridge Set)(White)

Spec Of Diamond Ceramic Filter A:

1.    100% Made In England

2.    Contaminants Reduction

3.    Sediment Reduction

4.    Prevention Bacteria and Parasites

Spec Of Daiwaki Filter B :

NSF certified activated carbon removes unpleasant odours and colours, while natural mineral stones regulate mineral content.

Spec Of Daiwaki Filter C:

Composed of NSF certified Grade A activated carbon and a KDF metal ion converter (meeting the standards stipulated by the FDA and EPA of the United States), this filter completely removes heavy metals, chlorine, and other chemical contaminants

Spec Of Daiwaki Filter E:

A high-tech ID2 energy stabilizer with far infrared technology stabilizes energy in the water to keep water molecule clusters at the smallest size for a prolonged period of time

Spec Of Daiwaki Filter F:

High-density NSF certified activated carbon combined with natural magnetic stones help balance the water to a mild alkaline level and increase the number of calcium ions to further enhance health.

1 years warranty for filter B,C,E and F

   Water Filter Daiwaki Energy For G1500 Replacement

Available Date : 5/12/2016