GB2800-New UF Membrane Outdoor Water System Set

RM 1,799.00
RM 1,280.00

* Higher flow rate : 3500 L/hr

* Purify Water up to 99.99%

* Filtration density of 0.01 micron

* Cleanest outdoor water filter

* Durable, solid & heavy duty

* Certified 304 stainless steel

* High flow rate, support large usage

* Great for skin care & healthcare

Dimensions ( L x W x H ) : 7.4 Inch x 40.5 Inch x 7.5 Inch
Weight : 10.50 Kilogram
Ship In : 3-5 working days
Warranty : 10 years

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Total Amount: RM 

  • 20 years warranty on 304 stainless steel body casing
  • Preserves Mineral
  • Density up to 0.01 micron
  • 99.99% remove bacteria & viruses
  • Minimum water wastage
  • Low maintenance
  • Hassle Free Auto Flushing System
  • User friendly
  • Compact & Elegant Design
  • Filter last for 4 - 6 years


 – UF fibers have a smooth inner core morphology and small pore size allowing viruses and pathogens to be more easily removed.


 – Strong, durable fibers, easy to maintain design and a flexible cleaning process (including chemically enhanced backflush) result in more time processing water and less for maintenance and repairs.


 – Superior membrane chemistry, a tight pore structure and advanced controls deliver more stable membrane performance without the need for extensive chemical cleans.


 – Minimal system connections, easy installation, outstanding reliability and just 3 simple mode to maintain the daily usage of the system, basically normal filtration mode, direct flushing mode, and back-flushing mode.


 – Superior output, simplified operation, reduced maintenance and a compact footprint all add up to cost savings for you!

Product Name

GB2800-New UF Membrane Outdoor Water System


Stainless Steel 304 Food Grade Material


1.5mm Thickness on SUS304 Stainless Steel Casing

Filtration Media

Hollow Fiber Membrane (Density Up To 0.01 Micron)

Service Life Span

*Service Life Span Will Vary Depending On Feed Water Quality And Amount Of Water Used Or Consumed*

Recommended 4-6 Years To Change The Hollow Fiber Membrane


4.5” Diameter x 40.5” Height

Valve Size


Max. Working Pressure

0.1 - 0.35 MPa

Flow Rate:

3500 L/Hour


20 Years Warranty (Stainless Steel Body)


Automatic Digital Irrigation Timer Controller

  • Battery: 2 * AA battery (included)
  • Water inlet: 3/4″ internal thread
  • Water exit: 3/4″ external thread
  • Watering time: 1sec-300min
  • Watering cycle: 1-24hours, 1-15days
  • Liquid medium: clean water (tap water)
  • Suitable water temperature: 0-40℃
  • Item size: 165 * 85 * 55mm / 6.5 * 3.3 * 2.2in

Using 0.01um ulta-filtration membrane (hollow fiber) separation technology, and able to effectively expel harmful substances in water such as sludge, rust, suspension, colloid, bacteria, virus and macromolecular organisms.

Available Date : 15/1/2017