Kemflo Kfc-10 CTO Carbon Block Filter Cartridge

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Brand: Taiwan

10" CTO Block Carbon Filter use as the most efficient method of removing odors, chlorine. Use in single/double water filter, undersink RO system and as a pre-filter in some water system.

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  • No Release of Carbon Fines
  • 10 micron filtration for reduction of Cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts
  • Reduction of certain organic chemicals (VOCs)
  • Highly effective chlorine reduction through 2,000 liters
  • Excellent drinking water of polishing filter
  • NSF - listed component
  • Chlorine,taste,odor reduction 7000gals>95%@1GPM
  • Media - High Quality Fruits Shell Block Activated Carbon
  • Remove the Heavy Metals, Chlorine, Organic contaminants,Pesticide ,color and Odor for drinking water


  • 6Months for Domestic RO System
  • 2500Gallon Filter Capacity
  • Suggest change frequency 6 to 12 months


  • Fit All Standard 10" Filter Housing
  • 10um filtration >99% reduction
  • Outstanding perfomance
  • Organic Impurity Removal
  • Non-Contaminating
  • Choice of Packed Granular or Impregnated
  • Powder Carbon Cartridges
  • High Grade Activated Carbon
  • Standard Filter Cartridge Replacement
  • 10" CTO Block Carbon Filter
  • Size (L)254mm / (W)64mm 
  • Standards: CTO 10" Carbon filter

Carbon Filter: Activated carbon, a porous substance with the strongest adsorption forces, has the highest volume of adsorbing porosity of any material known to mankind. By carbonization and activation, activated carbon can be made from many substances containing high carbon content such as coal, wood, bamboo and coconut shells. Superior activated carbon displays its performance by the features of specific surface area, adsorption capability, mechanical strength, thermal and chemical stability. Activated carbon filters are widely applied in industrial process and civil use as the most efficient method of removing odors, chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOC) , colors, tastes and other contaminants from fluids.

The CTO water filter suitable for the water system below :

Available Date : 28/12/2016